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The 1001 châteaux of Périgord

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We tend to say that there are a thousand and one castles in Périgord.  Here are a selection of castles or "châteaux"  that are definitely worth a visit in all four Périgord regions.

Château de Bourdeilles

Built by a close friend of the king of France, Géraud de Maulmont, who took possession of the château in 1283, the Château de Boudeilles is dominated by an octogonal shaped donjon standing 35 m tall.  It was bitterly sought after and the scene of many bloody sagas up until the 16th century.  Must-sees : the main building and the high tower which dominates Bourdeilles, the apartments and furnished reception rooms, the painted decor in the « golden lounge », Charles Quint's bed decorated with golden sculptures (Spanish style furniture)…

Château de Castelnaud

During the Hundred Years' War, the château was passed in turns from the French camp to the English camp.  Following a siege commanded by Charles VII in 1442, the château was taken over permanently by the king of France.  You can visit the museum which features a collection of over 250 arms and armours in the "logis" of the fortress as well as some beautiful pieces of furniture dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries and impressive reconstructions of siege engins.

Château de Monbazillac

Built between 1550 and 1582 by the seigneur of Aydie, the Château de Monbazillac can be distinguished by its singular architectural style combining medieval defense systems and the elegance of the Renaissance.  Must-sees : the beautiful rooms and lounges with French ceilings, Renaissance fireplace, Hungarian point chevron hardwood parquet, 17th century Périgord furniture, engravings and archives on the religious wars.

Château de Hautefort

The château is a splendid example of classical architecture in the Dordogne which resembles the châteaux of the Val de Loire.  During your tour, you can visit the different rooms of the château and admire the beautiful collection of 17th and 18th century furniture, the tapestry room, the large living room, the kitchen and furnished apartments...

Château de Beynac

During the Hundred Years' War and when the Dordogne was the border between France and England, Beynac fortress was of great importance to the French.  Visitors can discover the magnificent Florentine Renaissance style staircase, the States' Hall where the four barons would meet, an authentic furnished 17th century room decorated with armour and tapestries and the 12th century kitchens...


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