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An historic monument in the heart of Périgord

History of Château de la Côte -

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The castle dates back to the 15th century.  Founded by Arnaud de Laudibus during the Hundred Years' War, the castle belonged to the Dulau family for four centuries up until 1867 then to the Déthan family up until 1956 when the Guillaume family purchased it and transformed it into a hotel-restaurant in 1989.

A few key dates

  • 1423 : Arnaud de Laudibus from Béarn founded Château de la Côte.
  • 1738 : Birth of the Archbishop of Arles at the castle, beatified by Pie XI in 1926.
  • 1867 : Edouard Déthan, a draper back from America, restores the castle and creates a farm and vineyard.
  • 1956 : Michel Guillaume purchases the estate and revives the farm and livestock farming business. 
  • 1989 : The Guillaume family tranforms the castle into a hotel.