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Périgord from above !

Would you like to enjoy a thrilling yet serene experience during your stay in Périgord ?  The Château Hôtel offers hot air balloon flights and helicopter rides !  It is a chance to take to the skies and admire the fabulous landscapes of Périgord Vert from above... !



  • Departure times  (booking required) : 9am to 5pm in the box tree meadow opposite the Château
  • Total duration : 3 hours including a 1 hour flight, a glass of champagne and a vehicle to take you back 
  • Net rates : 445 € for the hire of a basket for 2 people (all inclusive) - 1 or 2 extra people may accompany you : surcharge 100 € per person (maximum 3 people and pilot)
  • Booking : by phone on (33)