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Gastronomy, wine and markets

Gastronomy, wine and markets -

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Your gourmet weekend in the Dordogne !  Make the most of your stay at the Château to discover the local products and gourmet delights, not forgetting the markets and local producers who will be only too happy to let you taste their best products from the Périgord region.


Foie gras

A true institution in Périgord !  You will find the very best foie gras (protected geographical indication) directly at the farm shops around Brantôme, Champagnac-de-Belair and Bourdeilles.


Famous since Antiquity, the Périgourdian black truffle can be distinguished by its delicate perfume and subtle pepper flavour which evokes the scent of the underwood and roasted dried fruits.  You will find the best fresh truffles on the local truffle markets : Périgueux or Brantôme, from December to February. 


The mouthwatering Gariguette, juicy Cirafi, Darselect, Cléry, Donna, Candiss, shiny and soft, Mara des bois and finally La Charlotte... there are no less than 8 varieties of strawberries on the markets in Périgord from the end of April to mid-June.  They are delicious when served with a dessert, on their own or in a tart but they also enhance the flavour of fillet of duck breast !


Périgord is without a doubt the home of the walnut !  AOC (protected designation of origin) walnut trees grow in more than 500 towns in the Périgord regions.  In the Middle Ages, they were even used for bartering and walnut oil was considered to be as precious as gold. 


Discover the famous Cabécou, a small goat's cheese which can be found in the south-west, or "tomme" or "Trappe d'Echourgnac" made with pasturised cow's milk and washed with walnut liqueur made by the Périgord distillery.

Wines of Bergerac

Bergerac, Monbazillac, Pécharmant, Montravel, Saussignac, Rosette… Wine producers concentrate mainly on Bergerac wines, to the east of Bordeaux.  Thirteen AOC (protected designation of origin) wines are available.  Made from three different grape varieties, Sémillon, Sauvignon and Muscadelle, the AOC Monbazillac can be recognised by its aroma of acacia honey and spices.  It generally accompanies foie gras but is also delicious with fish in sauce, white meats and cheeses.