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Golden Triangle of Périgord Vert

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The Château de la Côte is ideally located near Brantôme, Bourdeilles and Périgueux. You can explore the region and its many landmarks at your own pace : Château de Bourdeilles, the neighbouring abbey of Brantôme and historic monuments and museums in Périgueux, the capital of Périgord.


Located in the valley of the Dronne, this charming castral village located well away from the road from Périgueux to Brantôme is steeped in remarkable historic and natural heritage.  Must-sees in Bourdeilles : Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens church, Notre Dame chapel, bridge with pointed breakwater (14th - 18th century),  Château des Francilloux (19th century), Château de Mazerat (9th century), Château de la Valade (17th – 18th century), Château Étourneau (13th - 16th century)…


Known as the "Green Venice of Périgord", Brantôme is popular with nature lovers, food lovers and those who simply enjoy the good life.  To see and do : commented cruise along the Dronne to discover the rich architectural heritage of Brantôme, Saint-Pierre abbey, the old Benedictine abbey founded by Charlemagne in 769, Château de la Hierce, Château de Puymarteau, dolmen of Peyrelevade, Cluzeau de Chambrebrune…


Périgueux, the cultural and tourist capital of Périgord blanc invites you on a journey through the centuries from the Roman Empire to the present day.   To see and do : Saint-Front cathedral dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries, the tower of Vésone (I1st or 2nd century), château Barrière (12th - 16th century), Périgord's art and archeological museum, Vesunna Gallo-Roman museum…