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The castle's lounges

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Renaissance lounge

The most impressive feature of this lounge is without a doubt the majestic stone fireplace decorated with sculpted foliage which was all the rage during the Renaissance period ; the pediment is decorated with eight golden fleur-de-lis which are painted onto an azure background... a privilege awarded by the King to the Marquis of Lau for services rendered to the crown.  With floor to ceiling wood panelling, Versailles wooden flooring, period furniture and bookcase overflowing with old books, this lounge is a warm and comfortable place, a reminder of the splendour of yesteryear.

Tower lounge

Hidden in the wooden panelling, a door leads to a cosy, discreet lounge nestled in one of the castle's towers.  

Lounge Bar

The Lounge-Bar is ideal for business discussions or simply for relaxing.  You can enjoy a before-dinner drink or a night cap... the bar offers a selection of fine wines and spirits.