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The gastronomic gems of Périgord

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Welcome to Périgord, land of gluttony par excellence! Your stay at the Château Hôtel de la Côte will be an excuse to discover all the gourmet pleasures and gustatory riches offered by the Dordogne... At the restaurant or in the markets, taste the delights of Périgord...

Périgord foie gras

A real institution in Périgord! You can find the best foie gras IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) directly from local producers near Brantôme, Champagnac-de-Belair or Bourdeilles, at the table of restaurant of the Château de La Côte or by simply following the route du Foie fat from Périgord. Accompanied by country bread and served with a sweet white Bergerac wine, it's a treat!

The Périgord truffle

Famous since Antiquity, the Périgord black truffle, as rare as it is expensive, is distinguished by its delicate fragrance and its subtly peppery flavor reminiscent of the smell of undergrowth and roasted dried fruit. You will be sure to find the best fresh truffles by visiting the region's truffle markets such as the one at Périgueux or Brantôme which take place from December to February.

Equally popular, Périgord porcini mushrooms are one of the mushrooms that the Périgords love, usually eaten mixed with Sarladaise potatoes or in an omelet.

Strawberry from Périgord

The melting Gariguette, juicy Cirafi, Darselect, Cléry, Donna, shiny and soft Candiss, Mara des bois and finally the Charlotte, these are in total no less than 8 varieties of strawberries that you will find on the market stalls of Périgord at the end of April until mid-June. If they are appreciated as a dessert, plain or in a tartlet, they also go wonderfully with duck breast!

Walnuts from Périgord

Périgord is undoubtedly the cradle of walnuts. The AOC Walnuts of Périgord has 4 varieties of walnuts: "Corne" the rustic, "Marbot" the traditional, "Grandjean" the typical, "Franquette" the courted and there are today more than 500 communes sheltering walnut trees of the AOC Noix du Périgord appellation. Restaurants, museums, local markets and nuciculture farms will make you discover all the unsuspected riches of walnuts and walnut kernels from Périgord. In the Middle Ages, it was even used as currency and walnut oil was considered a commodity as precious as gold.

Périgord cheeses

Périgord gastronomy also includes cheeses made from raw milk or matured in walnut liqueur...To be discovered! the famous Cabécou, this small goat's cheese that can be found throughout the south-west, but also the cow tomme or the Trappe d'Echourgnac refined with walnut liqueur made by the Distillery of Périgord.

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